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Dr. Alan Maloney speaks at AMTE in Orlando

Dr. Alan Maloney presented: A Learning Trajectory Framework for the Common Core: Turnonccmath for Interpretation, Instructional Planning, and Collaboration This session showcase was sponsored by Wireless Generation, a Silver Sponsor for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.

GISMO Team presentations PME-NA 2012

GISMO Team presentations at the Annual Meeting of the Psychology of Mathematics Education–North American Chapter. Kalamazoo, Michigan Thursday, November 1 through Sunday, November 4,

Dr. Jere Confrey receives the 2012 NC State Innovator of the Year Award

On Nov. 7, GISMO’s own founder, Dr. Jere Confrey, the Joseph D. Moore University Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education, has been named 2012 Innovator of the Year by North Carolina State University.

Learning Trajectories for the K-8
Common Core Math Standards


Welcome to TurnOnCCMath.net!  The GISMO research team at North Carolina State University has developed 18 learning trajectories that unpack the K-8 Common Core State Standards for Mathematics from the standpoint of student learning, and elaborate the underlying scientific research in mathematics education. The hexagon map illustrates these learning trajectories, standard by standard.  Clicking on a hexagon or a trajectory takes you to detailed descriptors that articulate students' progression from prior knowledge and naïve conceptions to more sophisticated mathematical concepts and reasoning. TurnOnCCMath is a comprehensive resource to support teachers, teacher educators, professional development providers, and district and state-level curriculum experts in interpreting the CCSS-M for instructional implementation. Documented throughout with citations from research and practitioner journals, TurnOnCCMath will also support educational researchers in identifying fruitful areas for further research on student learning.


The Getting Started menu provides a brief introduction to Learning Trajectories (“Unpacking the CCSS-M”) and to navigating this interactive site (“Navigating…”).  And if you wish to go directly to the hexagon map and descriptors, just click the map image above.

Acknowledgements: This site was developed by Jere Confrey, Alan Maloney, Kenny Nguyen, Ko Sze Lee, Nicole Panorkou, Drew Corley, Tamar Avineri, Jennifer Nickell, Aishia Neal, Shirley Varela, and Theresa Gibson. Programming was provided by Pedro Larios of Austin Programming Solutions. Support for this work provided by the National Science Foundation awards DRL-0733272 and DRL-1118858, the Oak Foundation, and the Joseph D. Moore Endowment. Any opinions expressed in this work are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the funding organizations.


Welcome to turnonccmath.net

This site is the result of work on a previous project and is no longer maintained. You are welcome to access the map and use the site as-is.

Our latest learning map, covering middle school math content, is available at www.sudds.co